Lifetime Television® airs it's second episode featuring Apex Block in a Think Green edition of its home improvement show Designing Spaces. The show featuring Apex Block’s unique ICF block will air November 1st and 15th, 2012.
Benton City, Washington is known for its “little Tuscany” style wineries nestled at the bottom of the valley and for its yearly average of 300 days of sunshine, but soon it will be known for another reason. A new home is being built using a revolutionary, recycled building product called APEX Block™ ICF that will be featured on national television. Often referred to as “The Greenest Wall System In The World™ the unique eco-friendly properties of APEX Block™... + read more
Plastic explosives, hurricane-force winds, fire and extreme projectiles are just some of the abuse the team at APEX Block Corporation has subjected their building block to prove strength and durability.  APEX Block™ is a revolutionary, recycled building product proudly manufactured in the United States that is being called The Greenest Wall System In The World.   A modified version of an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF), APEX Block™ is made from recycled expanded... + read more
Many of those involved in sustainable and environmentally friendly construction are building green homes with ICFs. The abbreviation ICF stands for Insulating Concrete Form. The formwork that is created acts as permanent insulation for the building. This form of construction is growing in popularity as it is energy efficient. The forms themselves, lock together without the use of mortar and are then filled with concrete. They fit together in much the same fashion that Lego toys do for children... + read more
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