Physical Characteristics of Blocks Rating or Result Tests of Analysis
Material density 15-20 PCF; Avg 17.5 PCF On-going testing of coupon samples cut fromproducts in finished goods, average at 28 days.
Fire resistance
ASTM E84-05
Comparable to UBC 8-1, 1997
UL 723
Flame spread: 0
NFPA Class: A
UBC Class: 1
10′ X 12′ load-bearing wall, vertical exposure furnace, 3-hr test
Smoke development Smoke developed: 50 Maximum allowable smoke development: 450
Sound transmission test
STC: 42OITC: 40 Apex 10″ wall system w/ 5/8″ gypsum board on interior, 3/4″ stucco on exteriorPerformed by ATI, York, PA
Thermal resistance
ASTM C1363
Results pending
Recycled content per block Approx. 90% by volume Recycled expanded polystyrene foam bead, measured at time of block manufacture


Structural Characteristics of Walls Rating or Result Tests of Analysis
Shear capacity, 10.7-ft.-wide walls 60.6 kips, with maximum variation of 5.2 kips Walls were loaded laterally at the top corner while a specified eccentric axial compression load was applied simultaneously at the top to failure.
Shear capacity, 4-ft.-wide walls 16.6 kips, with maximum variation of 5.2 kips As above


The APEX Block

48” x 16” x 10”

55 lbs