Construction Basics

Building with APEX Block™ can be a job for unskilled labor, volunteers and homeowners alike. However, we recommend first consulting with a building professional to ensure the design and assembly of the structure meets or exceeds local building code.

We are providing the following information to help you, the homeowner, better visualize the basic principles of building with our product. You can download a copy of our 52 page “APEX Block Build Manual” that provides step-by-step instructions for building with our block.

The basics of how to build with APEX Block™:








1. Pour foundation with rebar coming up every 16 inches








2. Stack, level, and plumb APEX Blocks™








3. Construct your corners








4. Buck out window and door openings









5. Create radius walls








6. Place horizontal rebar








7. Attach roof ledgers








8. Pour your wall








9. Cut grooves for electrical and plumbing








10. Smooth surfaces with metal rasp for desired finishes